CTC, Inc serves client and public safety by ensuring effective safety at all grade crossings with the best possible engineering, design, assembly, installation, and maintenance


CTC offers engineering consulting expertise in complex rail and transportation topics—specifically in the assessment, planning, and review phases of a project—enhancing your organization’s early success. Consulting services include:

  • Grade Crossing Safety (Traffic Signal Design and Timing, Signage, and Inspections)
  • Quiet Zones Assessment and Design https://www.fra.dot.gov/Page/P0889
  • Preemption Design http://onlinemanuals.txdot.gov/txdotmanuals/rho/traffic_signal_preemption.htm
  • Signal Engineering
  • Vital Inductive Loop Applications
  • Cutover Support
  • FRA Crossing Inventory Projects (Reviews/Updates)
  • Industry Regulations and Standards
  • Accident Investigation, Reconstruction, and Litigation Support (Expert Witness)
  • Public-Private Partnership Projects
  • Grants and Funding Alternatives
  • Scope of Project (Scale)

As an example, CTC is an industry leader in Quiet Zone consulting with more than 100 quiet zone projects implementing solutions in over 20 cities. We analyze and evaluate grade crossings, provide options for public agency consideration, perform risk and safety calculations, prepare and submit notices to various authorities, and can explain the final inspection process needed to validate and verify FRA compliance.


CTC, Inc. specializes in complex grade crossing signal design solutions ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and compliance of your crossing project. Our signal designs assist in efforts including preemption (interface with road/rail entity), industrial crossings and facility support, conceptual traffic signal design (pavement markings, signage, and timing) and signal design objectives such as warning systems, loop designs, wayside signal and control points, and wayside horn application design. As a result, CTC’s methodology has helped more than 2,500 highway-rail grade crossings to implement corrections that mitigate or eliminate risk.

Our grade crossing signal design department supports numerous Public Agencies, Class I Railroads, Short Line Railroads, and Industry Facilities.


CTC offers you turnkey electrical and wiring solutions via our onsite electronic assembly facility (EAF). Our system solutions are assembled under the watchful eye of expert wiring technicians and QA/QC personnel to ensure a safe and high-quality product. From fully-equipped bungalows to smaller system solutions, each and every unit undergoes extensive factory acceptance testing for quality control and quality assurance purposes prior to shipment or delivery to ensure that your installation goes as intended. Whether considering wayside horns or other advanced system solutions, including active stopped on tracks warning systems or RPS systems, our high standards are set with safety in mind.


CTC offers signal installation and construction project management. We will estimate your project, build the schedule, manage material procurement to obtain the best possible pricing, and then install and inspect the entire project. Our capabilities have met the needs of Class I railroads, short lines, commuter rail lines, and private facilities.

Our ability to coordinate with public agencies, multiple contractors, and railroad stakeholders has proven valuable in a variety of projects and can serve to expedite your plans. We offer expertise for grade crossing signal construction as well as specialized installation projects such as wayside signals and wayside horns.


CTC is well versed in signal support for FRA 234 repairs, rapid mobilization, and rule compliance. Regular service and maintenance prevent unexpected costs and ensure inspection readiness when you work with public agencies. Our signal maintenance team is frequently deployed for normal signal maintenance such as scheduled inspections, locating existing signal cables, taking crossings out of service, placing crossings back in service, and evaluating components needed for repairs. We conduct scheduled and on-call service, ensuring reliability and minimizing the duration of any service interruption your equipment may experience.

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