CTC, Inc. Completes City of Aledo Quiet Zone Project

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Fort Worth, Texas (March 25, 2015) CTC, Inc. completed work for the City of Aledo, enabling the city to implement a new quiet zone that included significant improvements to both traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

The Aledo Trail project, which began in January of 2014, implemented a new quiet zone and improved safety in the City of Aledo. CTC worked alongside the City, the Texas Department of Transportation, Parker County, Freese and Nichols, and Union Pacific Railroad to close one crossing and transform one, two-way crossing into two separate one-way crossings, creating a one-way pair that allowed for the formation of the new quiet zone. As a result of the transformation, traffic moves efficiently, and the risk for crashes has significantly decreased. Drivers are now prevented from maneuvering vehicles around the flashing lights and gates, improving safety for both the traveling public and the railroad train crews.

In addition to improving the flow of traffic, the project also included the installation of sidewalks and fencing, restricting foot traffic to designated areas. City officials expect the addition to increase mobility and positively impact pedestrian safety, particularly during City and local business events.

“CTC has been instrumental in helping us get where we are,” said Kit Marshall, Mayor of Aledo. “While the railroad has been here since before Aledo was established in 1882, times have changed and there is a substantial increase in daily train traffic since those sleepy days. We are excited for the improved quality of life that the reduced train noise will bring to our citizens, businesses, and churches; and also for the many improvements made to public safety. Both those who pass through Aledo and our pedestrians are safer as a result of this collaborative effort.”

Jerry Martin, with the Federal Railroad Administration, congratulated the city saying, “You guys have done it right. So many times cities do the minimum they have to do to qualify,” Martin said. “But the city of Aledo; you all have made the traffic move a lot better, the crossings are safer – it’s just an all-around win.”

The quiet zone is expected to take effect on April 8, 2015. To kick off the countdown, the City of Aledo held a ceremony for the signing of the Quiet Zone Notice of Establishment on March 18. Officials from Union Pacific and the Federal Railroad Administration were present to sign off on the safety improvements incorporated into the Aledo Trail project.

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